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We can provide a number of different game missions to keep teams thinking of possible strategy's to gain an edge on their opponents. Various game boxes maybe used within these missions such as medic box, ammo pick up, mines and respawn boxes.





Capture the flag

Basically just eliminate the enemy, how you do it is for you to decide!

A Domination box is situated centrally in the arena and the object is to keep control of this area by firing a shot into a tube on the box. A light will indicate which team currently has control and the team who held control for the longest time in the game wins which will be shown by the winning teams colour flashing. The box will be set in open ground so move swiftly otherwise its a snipers dream!

Make your way to the enemy base with your flag and plant it in the flag station, press the button to sound the siren and declare victory. First team there wins, but beware the enemy teams base will be heavily defended! 



Each team can allocate a sniper within their ranks. Use stealth and concealment to zoom in on the enemy and eliminate the opposition, get a couple of shots off before relocating to another vantage point!

Battlefield Royale Solo

Basically this is every player for themselves and last player left is the victor


Latest additions to enhance scenarios. Target boxes used in CQB scenarios. Eliminate the target boxes to complete the mission

Protect the President

The team need to escort the President to a designated place without the opposing team assassinating him/her.

We also have code break and defuse simulations to get players really working together, perfect for team building

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