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Some of the most commonly asked questions

Q- Are the laser beams dangerous?

A- The taggers actually don't use lasers but use the same technology that is in your tv remote

Q- What should I wear?

A- Sturdy footwear and clothing you don't mind getting wet or a bit muddy as this is an outdoor activity, also waterproofs if rain is forecast.

Q- How many games per session do I get?

A- This depend mainly on how many players are in each team, but generally at least 6 games.

We can change game scenario/game time to suit .

Q-How long does the session last?

A- Including briefing the session is approx

2 hours


Q- What's the minimum age allowed to take part?

A- The minimum age is 7 

Q- is there a minimum number of players required?

A- Yes, a minimum of 6

Q- What if its raining?

A- The session can still take place unless the weather is too disruptive or creates safety issues

Q- Do you sell drinks/snacks

A- No, we suggest that you bring your own especially something to keep hydrated.

There is a privately run Café at the location if you prefer. 

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